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This is a gentle, squashy compressor intended for use on buses, though it also works well on channels. It has a very soft knee, with a ratio that gradually increases to hard limiting, and a choice between RMS based level detection (with a window size that depends on the attack time) or a brand new peak sensing algorithm.

This unit is inspired by a particular bit of hardware that I know quite well. Its not "modelled" however: I came up with the algorithm first, noticed the similarities, then skinned the plug to resemble the hardware.

New in version 2:

Download Plugin

Windows VST format only

Made with SynthMaker and skinned using Skinman and Knobman.

FL4TT3RY 2 is now also available as a REAKTOR ensemble:

NI User Library

This uses the exact same algorithm, but offers a few extra features:

Last two features available via the back panel: click the FL4TT3RY 2 logo.

Mobile Site

Mobile Site

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