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The one and only classic IQ4gui dynamic equaliser plug, which I built way back in january 2005, and which has since acquired a bit of a cult following…

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Dynamic EQ is a powerful process, capable of solving many tricky mixing or mastering issues.

IQ4 allows you to compress or expand the dynamic range of specific frequencies, or even to modulate the gain of one frequency according to the dynamics of another.

Its capable of radically changing the nature of the sound, or subtly and surgically catching only the bits that are a problem. Not really a tool for beginners however: you need to have a solid understanding of conventional EQ and dynamics processing first!

Download Plugin

Windows VST format only. Made with Synthedit

I was proud to be included in a “top ten freeware” list compiled by Mike Senior, author of 'Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio' and Sound On Sound Magazine's 'Mix Rescue' & 'Mix Review' columns

"Dynamic EQ is a phenomenally powerful mix process, capable of saving your skin in some of the very toughest mixing situations... An essential VST download for budget-conscious mixing." -- Mike Senior, author of 'Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio' and Sound On Sound's 'Mix Rescue' & 'Mix Review' columns.

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