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I now offer online mastering services: send me your mixes as wav or aiff files and I will polish them ready for final release.

Mixes can be delivered as individual tracks in any compressed or uncompressed formats you choose. For a small extra charge I can also lay out a whole CD album with all the relevant meta-data, and provide it in industry standard DDP format ready for replication.

Rates: £40 per song | £30 for an album layout in DDP format

NB: the rates above are a good guideline, but not all projects require the same amount of work: if you provide me with the mixes in advance (or a representative sample) I can quote a fee for the whole job which may work out cheaper. Get in touch to discuss your specific project.

Alternatively I can enhance your signals using modern digital plug-ins, some modelled on classic analogue gear, and others with no analogue equivalents. A powerful 64 bit multi-core processor allows me to run bleeding-edge algorithms and high samplerates without falling over or glitching.

Mastering will take place in my purpose-built control room designed by Recording Architecture, with extensive acoustic treatment, and 1200 watts of 3-way active monitoring.

Clicks, glitches or other unwanted noises can be cleaned up with state-of-the-art software, while the overall dynamic range and frequency response of your audio can be tweaked to make sure it sounds good when played on PA systems or iPod earbuds, or anything in between.

If appropriate your mixes can be tastefully glued together using analogue compression, or coloured with real high-voltage valves and transformers.

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