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A lot of people have their own recording setups at home these days, which I think is great: that's how my own studio started back in the mid 1990s. However, it also means I know how frustrating home recording can be: you can spend hours tweaking and refining a mix until it's just right, then play it in the car or hear it on a PA system and find it sounds completely different…

Its tempting to blame your equipment in such cases, but actually the main culprit is likely to be your room.

Unfortunately, while microphones and audio interfaces are getting cheaper all the time, a properly designed and acoustically treated control room is beyond the reach of most project studio owners.

So that's where I come in: bring your project down to the studio as stems or individual audio tracks, and mix in an acoustically treated control room with excellent monitoring, and with an experienced engineer / programmer versed in a variety of styles.

Mxing can be performed in the digital domain in my own control room. With a large selection of state-of-the-art software, an expert operator, and a monster 8-core DAW system built by Carillon Audio Computers, large ambitious projects with high track counts and high sample rates are no problem at all.

Or you can book a session in the main control room, and mix hands-on with a 56 channel Amek console (with twelve Neve channels) and high quality analogue outboard.

Get in touch to discuss pricing and availability.

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