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Our shared live room features a floating wood floor, sloping ceiling, and asymmetric design with no parallel walls.

The result is a beautifully balanced sound, warm and clear, with none of the boxy resonances you would normally expect in a room of the same size.

The room can comfortably accommodate acoustic ensembles of four or five members, though I have been known to squeeze in up to seven. We have a wide selection of high quality microphones and pre-amps to choose from, and can usually dial in a good sound quickly and painlessly so you can focus on playing your music.

Rock band type line-ups can be accommodated by use of the guitar amp isolation booths: bands can set up and play live, while avoiding any spill between instruments. This keeps our options open for editing, overdubbing or re-amping, and makes life easier at the mix-down stage.

Some projects, such as choirs or symphony orchestras, will need to be recorded on location rather than in the studio. I can bring a mobile rig with up to 18 inputs, plus a box full of high quality microphones, and record your performance for later mixdown in the studio.

I can also arrange multi-track recording for live gigs. With over 20 years experience of live sound, I can talk to the house engineers in their own language to make sure all goes as smoothly as possible. If necessary I can also mix your live front-of-house sound, to make sure our recording isn’t spoilt by a bad balance in the PA on the night.

Get in touch to discuss pricing and availability.

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